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Looking for Air Conditioning Services in Australia?

We are an advocate of companies that provide cost effective and energy-efficient air conditioner and services. You will need to do your research as not all air conditioning companies are the same and not every company has the same experience and expertise when it comes to installation. There are many air conditioning companies offering different brands and qualities of systems. Air conditioning companies can help keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.


Things to Consider before Choosing an Air Conditioning Company:


1. How big is your home? The system needed varies from home to home depending on the amount of rooms you want to air condition and the amount of open spaces in your home and your homes insulation.


2. The Design and Installation?

Design and installation is very important as all systems vary in cooling capacity, energy performance and air flow. So when you are choosing a system you need to make sure the company helps you to take all of this into account. A professional company can give you tips on what is required to cool your type of home.


3. What experience do they have?

How long has the company been in business and what is your gut feel when you talk to them. Do they have customer testimonials that you can refer to.

If you go to a website and click on the about us page you can often find out a lot about the company and it’s values, and their experience in the industry. But there is no harm in asking them how long they have been in business and what experience their staff have.


4. What system do I need?

That depends on your needs .Is it just a room of your house that you need to be air conditioned (split system) or is it the whole house (split or ducted)? This can greatly effect the type of system that will be recommended and the cost.

You can have a split system where you will require a unit in every room that you want to air condition, or you can have ducted air conditioning that goes to every room. Ducted air conditioning is controlled centrally.

Do you want heating and cooling? A split system is great if you only want to cool one room like a bedroom. However if you want to cool or heat the whole home then ducted air conditioning may be the best choice for you.


5. How soon do you need it?

There are certain times of the year when the installers become very busy. So it is a good idea to plan ahead and get it booked in so you don’t have to swelter while waiting for your system.

6. Are they passionate?

When you find someone who is passionate about their job and what they do, you know that you will receive a quality product and good service because it is in their nature to do so.

7. How many rooms do you need to air condition?

This can make a difference to the system that is best for you. Everyone’s home is different and so systems need to be designed to make sure the air flow will be suitable for your home. This will make a big difference to the cost of the system that you install and also can effect it’s ongoing running costs.

8. Long Term Stability?

Customer service is very important and knowing that you have a company that will be around in 10 years time to help if you need it is important. So do your research and ask the questions that will give you piece of mind they are here to stay.

We hope you enjoyed this information and tips. To help you in your search for air conditioning services in Australia this website allows air conditioning companies to list their business. We do not evaluate these companies so please use the tips above to assess them.


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ABC Air Conditioning Sydney Installation and Supply for Commercial and Residential Property   …



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