4 Tips For Car Air Conditioners

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A lot of people don’t like driving during the summer with busted car air conditioners. Air conditioning repair shops that can help you solve this kind of problem. However, if you find yourself stuck with a busted car air conditioner, you can try troubleshooting the problem with some of these helpful tips. If that doesn’t work, seek the advice of a air conditioning professional.

4 Tips for Car Air Conditioner Repair

Check the a/c button

This button turns the compressor on and allows for cold air to be circulated. If all you feel is warm air blowing out, you may have hit the recirculation button instead of the a/c button by accident. This is the most common of car air conditioning troubleshooting problems and should be the first one to be checked out.

Wobbly knobs

If it’s not the recirculation button, check that the controls are functioning. Do the knobs feel loose or do they wiggle as compared to the last time you turned them on? Your car air conditioner could be fine but the controls might be messed up.

It may be your blower

You can check the blower’s condition out by restarting the car and turning the blower to its highest setting. If it sounds weak or emits a whining noise, then it may be that your blower motor is malfunctioning and needs replacing. You could do this by replacing the blower fan fuse. This is clearly marked in the fuse box underneath the dashboard. If it conks out on you after doing this, then you might have a bad blower motor or a short in the circuit.

Supply line problem

If the blower fan is working fine and you only get cold air out of the defroster vents, you may have a vacuum-system supply line problem. This can be checked out by looking for a small, black plastic tube that goes from the engine area to the dashboard and is often located by the refrigerant lines. Make sure that this tube does not have holes and is properly connected.

However, if the heat continues to wear you down while driving your car, get to that phone book or log in to the internet and look up repairs for car air conditioners.

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